Thick aluminum plate 12 x 24 is generally a pure aluminum plate alloy, one with an aluminum content of 97%, and the other with 96%, which belongs to the pure aluminum series. The main difference is that the 1070 alloy aluminum plate is better than the 1060 aluminum plate in the 0 state. The reason is because the higher the aluminum content, the softer the material. Aluminum plate manufacturer Mingtai introduced the performance of thick aluminum plate 12 x 24.

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Description of thick aluminum plate 12 x 24

Thick aluminum plate 12 x 24 processing strengthening is also called cold work hardening, that is, cold deformation processing of metal materials below the recrystallization temperature, such as forging, rolling, drawing, stretching, etc., during cold deformation, the internal dislocation density of the metal increases, and Intertwined with each other and form a cell structure, hindering the movement of dislocations. The greater the degree of deformation, the more serious the dislocation entanglement, the greater the deformation resistance and the higher the strength.

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thick aluminum plate 12 x 24 can be processed and strengthened

The degree of strengthening after cold deformation varies with the degree of deformation, the deformation temperature of the pure aluminum plate and the properties of the material itself. When the same material is cold deformed at the same temperature, the greater the degree of deformation, the higher the strength and the lower the plasticity. Solid solution strengthened aluminum plate

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Adding some alloying elements to thick aluminum plate 12 x 24 hot-rolled aluminum plate to form infinite solid solution or finite solid solution can not only obtain high strength, but also obtain excellent plasticity and good pressure processing performance.

The influence of different alloy water elements on strength

Commonly used alloying elements for solid solution strengthening in general aluminum alloys are copper, magnesium, manganese, zinc, silicon, nickel and other elements. Generally, the alloying of aluminum forms a limited solid solution, such as Al-Cu, Al-Mg, Al-Zn, Al-Si, Al-Mn and other binary alloys all form a limited solid solution, and all have a large limit solubility. 1060 pure aluminum plate with greater solid solution strengthening effect.

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Thick aluminum plate 12 x 24 has the advantage of high plasticity

Thick aluminum plate 12 x 24 has the characteristics of high plasticity, corrosion resistance, good electrical and thermal conductivity, but low strength. It is not strengthened by heat treatment and has poor machinability. It can accept contact welding and gas welding. Make use of its advantages to make some structural parts with specific properties, such as aluminum foil made of gaskets and capacitors, vacuum tube isolation nets, wire and cable protective covers, nets, cores and aircraft ventilation system parts and decorative parts.

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