With the introduction of energy saving and emission reduction policies and the vision of a green planet, automakers are paying more and more attention to the lightweight of automobiles. Every 10% reduction in the weight of standard aluminum plate dimensions of automobiles is equivalent to an increase of 8%-10% in fuel oil. It is favored by its high recovery rate, decreasing cost, increasingly perfect processing technology and reliable safety.

standard aluminum plate dimensions

The standard aluminum plate dimensions are very suitable for automobile frame, automobile fender and other places. 6061 alloy aluminum plate is the representative product of 6 series aluminum alloy, and 6 series aluminum alloy for automobile is heat-treatable and strengthened aluminum alloy with good formability. , Strong corrosion resistance, high strength and good high temperature resistance. The 6 series alloy has higher fatigue strength than the 7 series alloy, and better corrosion resistance than the 2 series alloy. The 6 series alloy can refine the grain by adding a small amount of various elements, change the crystalline state, and improve at the same time Casting, rolling and heat treatment processes have achieved better comprehensive performance.

What are the advantages of using standard aluminum plate dimensions for aluminum gaskets?

The aluminum gasket must meet the following 2 requirements on the surface of the aluminum plate:
1. The surface of the aluminum plate should be clean, no cracks and oxidized debris are allowed.
2. The surface of the aluminum plate is not allowed to have defects such as depression, scratches, roll indentation, etc.

First of all, Henan standard aluminum plate dimensions effectively prevent the drill tip from indentation and scratches on the surface of the copper clad laminate during processing. It can provide positioning and guiding function during the downward process of the drill bit, and improve the positioning accuracy of drilling. Secondly, Henan 1100 aluminum plate and 1060 aluminum alloy have excellent heat conduction function, which can quickly dissipate the heat generated by friction when the drill bit is drilled at high speed, and effectively prevent the bit from overheating, thereby improving the life of the bit and better hole wall condition, which can effectively prevent Burrs are produced on the surface of the film copper foil board during high-speed drilling.

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