New energy vehicles are an emerging market for the development of the automotive industry. Different from traditional vehicles, new energy vehicles use batteries as power to drive the car. They are restricted by the weight of the power battery, the driving range of the power battery, and the automobile energy saving and emission reduction policies. High pressure, in terms of vehicle design and material application, the lightweight of its smooth aluminum plate 1cm thikness body has become the first issue for car companies to consider.

smooth aluminum plate 1cm thikness

Due to the impact of battery weight and battery life, new energy vehicles are more important than traditional vehicles. Among lightweight materials for automobiles, the comprehensive cost-effectiveness of aluminum alloy material smooth aluminum plate 1cm thikness is higher than that of steel, magnesium, plastic and composite materials. , Regardless of application technology, operational safety and recycling, it has comparative advantages. The rapid development of all-aluminum vehicles at home and abroad is enough to prove this.

smooth aluminum plate 1cm thikness
The main aluminum components for new energy vehicles include body, wheel hub, chassis, anti-collision beam, floor, power battery and seat. The body includes a body frame made of high-performance aluminum profiles and a skin and door made of high-precision aluminum plates; aluminum alloy wheels (cast aluminum wheels or forged aluminum wheels); new energy passenger car floors; lithium ion batteries and aluminum ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries include battery anode aluminum foil, battery aluminum shell and battery aluminum tray (the battery trays in Europe and America are all made of aluminum alloy

smooth aluminum plate 1cm thikness, domestic battery trays are made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel); new energy passenger car seat systems, etc. New energy vehicles use more aluminum than other vehicles. The rapid development of new energy vehicles in China will definitely promote the popularity of aluminum in the new energy vehicle segment. Mingtai Aluminum is concerned about the development of my country’s new energy vehicle industry. Seize the opportunity to develop aluminum alloy with high performance and strong applicability Smooth aluminum plate 1cm thikness, there are 5052 aluminum plate for automobile skin, 1060 aluminum coil for lithium battery soft pack connection, 3003 power battery shell and so on.

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