The price of aluminum plates in ukraine we often say actually refers to a rectangular plate with a rectangular and uniform thickness obtained by shearing or sawing pure aluminum or aluminum alloy materials with a machine. The production process of aluminum veneer is different. The aluminum veneer is made of high-quality aluminum alloy plate, which needs to be processed by sheet metal processing and paint spraying during the production process to form a material for construction. Can be designed and made into a variety of shapes.

aluminum plates in Ukraine uses

Aluminum plates have a wide range of uses, from interior lighting decoration, interior decoration, household appliances, to the manufacture of aerospace vehicles. Almost all aluminum panels can be seen not only in the industrial field, but also in daily life. The scope of application of aluminum veneer is relatively limited, and it is usually used for decoration at the end of construction projects, such as building curtain walls and indoor aluminum ceilings. The above is a brief introduction to the difference between aluminum sheet and aluminum veneer, I hope it can be helpful to everyone!

price of aluminum plates in ukraine

The aluminum plate has the advantages of medium strength, good corrosion resistance and weldability, and easy processing and forming. The aluminum alloy plate has good plasticity in the annealed state, high work hardening rate, and low plasticity in the hard state. Magnesium is a strengthening element of the aluminum alloy plate and has a certain solid solution strengthening effect, which increases the hardness of the aluminum plate and changes the strength of the aluminum alloy plate.

How much is the price of aluminum plates in ukraine?

The price of aluminum plates in ukraine is generally composed of two parts: aluminum ingot price + processing cost. Because different types and states of aluminum plates require different processing procedures and mechanical equipment, processing costs will vary greatly.

The thickness of the price of aluminum plates in ukraine is from 0.2mm to 500mm, the width is 200mm to 600mm, and the length is within 16m; while the conventional thickness of aluminum plates is from 1.5mm to 4.0mm, the conventional width is 1.3mm, and the length is 4mm.

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