Why do mobile phones, electrical appliances, and electronic products like to use aluminum plates for sale in sri lanka. Apple’s current iPhone and other mobile phones that use aluminum alloy bodies use anodizing technology, which is based on aluminum alloy. The surface is colored by anodizing to form a strong oxide film, and then the aluminum alloy surface of the mobile phone is colored and a protective film is formed.

aluminum plates for sale in sri lanka
aluminum plates for sale in sri lanka

In the past, the outer frames of home appliances were generally painted iron or stainless steel, so the home appliances in the past were bulky and heavy to carry. Nowadays, home appliances are becoming lighter and thinner. It’s not that the quality is getting worse, but that it pays more attention to the user experience and chooses lighter and more beautiful materials. The aluminum alloy profile has become a very good substitute. Aluminum plates for sale in sri lanka are light in weight and high in hardness, which can easily carry the weight of the main body of the appliance.

The aluminum plates for sale in sri lanka

The aluminum plates for sale in sri lanka of home appliances are used to fix the main body of the appliance and protect the appliance. The aluminum alloy frame is generally rectangular, and the frame size and thickness are customized according to the size and weight of the appliance. As large as the refrigerator door, as small as the frame of the mobile phone, aluminum alloy profiles are now used. Even the so-called borderless TVs use aluminum alloy middle frames. It can be seen how widely the aluminum alloy frame is used in household appliances.

Aluminum plates for sale in sri lanka frame is so popular not only because of its light weight, but also because it is easy to shape, low processing cost, and the surface can be treated with various treatments to make it more corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and easy to manage , Beautiful and generous. Such as anodizing (coloring), electrostatic spraying, electrophoresis, wire drawing, sand surface treatment, etc.

The aluminum alloy mobile phone shell with sand surface treatment has become the most popular material in the market. The aluminum profile of the electrical appliance frame is generally 6063 grade aluminum plates for sale in sri lanka (aluminum, magnesium, silicon alloy), which has good plasticity, machinability and welding performance. It is also one of the most widely used aluminum profiles, widely used in industrial production, construction, and home improvement.

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