The lithium battery case is a battery case made of 3003aluminum plates for sale in Mexico. The 3003 aluminum plate produced by Mingtai Aluminum is supplied to many battery companies. The 3003 aluminum plate is mainly used for square lithium batteries. The lithium battery is packaged in aluminum shell. The reason is that it is lighter in weight and safer than steel.

aluminum plates for sale in Mexico
Aluminum plates for sale in Mexico

Lithium battery casings are designed with square and rounded corners. The material of the aluminum casing is generally 3003 aluminum-manganese alloy. The main alloy components it contains are Mn, Cu, Mg, Si, Fe, etc. These five alloys play different roles in them. For example, Cu and Mg can improve strength and hardness, Mn can improve corrosion resistance, Si can enhance the heat treatment effect of magnesium-containing aluminum alloys, and Fe can improve high temperature strength.

The above-mentioned aluminum plates for sale in Mexico material structure of the lithium battery casing has significant safety performance considerations, and this safety performance can be expressed by the material thickness and the swelling coefficient. The reason why the lithium battery of the same capacity is lighter than the steel shell is that the aluminum shell can be made thinner.

From the perspective of the working mechanism of lithium batteries, when charging, lithium ions are deintercalated, and the volume of the positive electrode expands; when discharging, lithium ions are inserted from the positive electrode and the negative electrode expands; both will cause physical expansion, and the swelling coefficient can be reduced through appropriate alloy formula. From the worst result, even if the battery explodes, the bursting force of the lithium battery aluminum shell is much weaker than that of the steel shell, which causes less harm.

Because of the above-mentioned relative advantages, aluminum plates for sale in Mexico are currently the mainstream of liquid lithium batteries and are used in almost all areas involved in lithium batteries. Lightweight and safety, and the resulting performance advantages, make lithium battery aluminum shells the mainstream of the shell.

The aluminum plates for sale in Mexico produced by Mingtai Aluminum have good formability and are mainly used in deep drawing materials. Aluminum alloy plates are used as stamping parts. They have excellent forming characteristics, high corrosion resistance, good weldability and electrical conductivity. Sex.

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