Mingtai Aluminum focuses on the R&D and production of aluminum plates for sale in malaysia. 1100 aluminum plates are industrial pure aluminum, which has the advantages of high elongation, tensile strength, excellent electrical conductivity, and high formability. It is usually used for products that require good forming and processing performance. High corrosion resistance, no need for high-strength parts. Several questions about aluminum plates for sale are considered from the following aspects.

aluminum plates for sale in malaysia

1. Specification and quantity of aluminum plates for sale in malaysia

Aluminum plates for sale in malaysia are the key factors in the price of aluminum plates. There are various types of aluminum plates and different conditions. They are produced according to the specific specifications required by customers. The more the quantity, the more affordable the price of aluminum plates.

2. Source of raw materials

Different companies have their own sources of raw materials. Some sources of aluminum ingots are well-known companies such as Chinalco. The quality is reliable, so the quality of the aluminum plates produced will be more assured. Of course, aluminum plates for sale in malaysia will also Slightly more expensive, on the contrary the raw materials are cheaper, and the price of aluminum sheet is lower, but the quality may not be guaranteed. It is recommended to shop around before choosing.

3. Aluminum ingot market

The price of aluminum ingot fluctuates every day. As the price of aluminum ingot rises, the price of aluminum plate will also rise, and vice versa.

4. Company strength

The company has strong scale and strength, mature technology and advanced equipment, and the production and sales model is mainly direct sales, reducing intermediate complex links, and the price is more reasonable and reliable.

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