In aluminum plates in philippines, the number represents the alloy grade of the product. Starting with 5 means that the product is classified as an aluminum-magnesium alloy product. Then according to the chemical composition, it can be seen that the magnesium alloy content of the product is between 2.2-2.8% and the density is 2.68. Usually the company takes 2.5% magnesium alloy content during processing, so this series of aluminum sheets can become almg2.5.

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The meaning of h32 in aluminium plates 5052 h32

Secondly, H32 represents the processing status of the product. H can be understood as incomplete annealing and work hardening, that is, the product has been annealed, and the hardness is downgraded and suitable for processing. It is not only to prevent the hardness of the product from being too soft, but also to carry out proper work hardening. 32 represents that the hardness of the modified product has been stabilized at 1/4 of the hardness.

Aluminum plates in philippines hardness level

Hardness level: usually an Arabic numeral behind H has a direct relationship with the hardness value, for example, an Arabic numeral H32 H34 H24 h18 represents hardness. The larger the Arabic numerals in the aluminum plate of the equivalent trademark, the higher the hardness. For example, H34 hardness is higher than H32. The softest case directly becomes the 0 state, which is more suitable as a stretch material. Arabic numerals are double numbers, and the working term of 2 4 6 8 becomes 1/4 1/2 4/3 full hard.

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Summary of aluminum plates in philippines

In summary, it can be concluded that aluminum plates in philippines have undergone incomplete annealing and hardening processing with stabilization treatment, and the hardness is 1/4. Generally, the product has strong corrosion resistance, good surface oxidation, and good bending ability, 90 degrees Bending does not crack, it is a typical sheet metal material, suitable for cabinets and other classic materials that require bending processing.

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