aluminum plates in Mexico

There are many advantages of aluminum plates in Mexico for aluminum alloy laminator. A very important component in the laminator is the choice of tabletop materials. Previously, steel was used in foreign countries for a long time. The steel will rust after a long time and the flatness will also be affected. In the early processing process, the processing is difficult. In addition to the current serious consideration of environmental protection and material recycling, more and more foreign photovoltaic equipment manufacturers choose to use aluminum plates instead of steel plates, especially wide plates. The material selection is generally concentrated in 5052, 6061 aluminum plates in Mexico. High-demand ones will use 7 series aluminum plate, the thickness is 30-80mm, the width is between 2000-3000mm, and the length is 4000-8000mm.

aluminum plates in Mexico
Process and principle of laminator

Pour the prepared ceramic paste on the aluminum plates in Mexico of the casting machine according to the process requirements. After the film is removed by casting and drying, it becomes the capacitor dielectric material (ceramic film); then it uses precision laminated screen printing Technology, the inner electrode is repeatedly laminated and printed on the ceramic film, and each layer is pressed by the pressing table and then printed to become a component block.

In order to make the bar structure compact, the bar is packed in a plastic film bag, vacuumed and sealed, placed in the hot water in the container, and the container is sealed and pressurized to more than 30Mpa. The element is loose after being evenly compressed in water The structure becomes uniform and dense, ensuring the consistency of the electrical performance indicators of the components, and effectively improving the quality of the product.

No matter what kind of job the laminator is used for, its working principle is the same. That is to apply a certain pressure on the surface of the multilayer material to press these materials tightly together. The difference is that depending on the purpose of lamination, the conditions of pressing are different.

Mingtai Aluminum produces aluminum plates in Mexico process

The aluminum plates in Mexico produced by Mingtai Aluminum have the following characteristics. First, the flatness is good, which can prevent the material from being formed without bubbles during the later pressing. Second, the material is uniform, and the performance is better in terms of heat conduction in the later stage. In order to highlight, thirdly, the aluminum plate has high strength and can be adapted to the requirements of different types of laminators for the panel. In the later high-strength pressing, stable and long-life production.

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