Aluminum plates in malaysia are common aluminum plates with good elongation and tensile strength, which can fully meet the conventional processing requirements (stamping, stretching) and high formability. It is industrial pure aluminum with high plasticity, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, but its strength is low, and heat treatment cannot strengthen the machinability; it can be gas welding, hydrogen atom welding and contact welding, and it is not easy to braze; it is easy to withstand Kind of pressure processing and extension, bending.

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The aluminum plates in malaysia produced by Henan Mingtai Aluminum are widely used in aluminum busbars, voltage transformer housings, and flexible connections for new energy batteries. Here we mainly introduce the application of aluminum plates in malaysia in transformers.

Application of aluminum plates in malaysia

The transformer housing should protect the internal machine cables, etc., so it should have certain characteristics, not easy to corrode, have high strength and hardness, and be durable. The aluminum plates in malaysia used for transformers are industrial pure aluminum. High elongation and tensile strength, corrosion resistance, will not rust or corrode after a long time in the natural environment under the sun and rain, suitable for the material of long-term external exposure, and has a good use effect , Aluminum plates in malaysia has excellent forming processing characteristics and high corrosion resistance, which can fully meet the conventional processing requirements and can receive good results.

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Henan Mingtai Aluminum is a domestic first-class manufacturer of 1aluminum plates in malaysia, with an internationally leading hot-rolling production line, with an annual production capacity of 450,000 tons, mature technology, and a huge price advantage compared to other aluminum plates. The surface gloss of the alloy aluminum plate is high, the alkali washing effect is good, and it can reach the level A of the water brushing experiment, and the majority of customers can use it with confidence.

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