Application status and advantages of aluminum plate for therml block; aluminum can make better motor vehicles. In therml block and commercial vehicles, the use of aluminum plates is accelerating. Why is this?

Of course it is because of the superior properties of aluminum: safety, environmental friendliness and capital saving. These advantages of aluminum plate have good performance in many aspects, such as improving safety and increasing durability, while improving performance, improving fuel economy, and reducing exhaust emissions.

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The annual consumption of aluminum plate for therml block has been on the rise, precisely because of the environmental and mechanical advantages of aluminum. Let’s count the current status and advantages of aluminum plate applications below:

The amount of aluminum plate for therml block: As the number of industrial aluminum for 40 years, it has maintained a steady growth, and aluminum is the second choice after steel.

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High reuse rate

The reuse rate of aluminum is unprecedented: after reaching the end of its life, on average, 90% of aluminum can be recycled.

 Energy saving

When the mechanical parts reach the maximum optimization, aluminum plate for therml block Compared with the traditional low-carbon steel structure, the use of aluminum can reduce the weight of the car body by 50%. Compared with traditional steel structure cars, the application of aluminum in cars saves energy equivalent to about 100 million barrels of crude oil.

The aluminum plate for therml block is safer

In terms of average pounds, aluminum can absorb twice as much as mild steel when subjected to an impact. In addition, the weight is reduced, the energy consumption can be reduced, and the size can be reduced. On the other hand, the economy can be improved.

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