Mingtai creates a new era of 6061 aluminum plate europe. Container, the English name is container. Refers to a large container with a certain strength, rigidity and specification for turnover. Using containers to transfer goods can be directly loaded in the consignor’s warehouse and transported to the consignee’s warehouse for unloading. There is no need to take the goods out of the container for reloading when changing vehicles or ships midway. So the container is a great invention. There are many materials for making containers, and aluminum alloy is a material for making containers.

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The good performance of 6061 aluminum

Because 6061 aluminum can maintain good performance at low temperatures, and aluminum does not chemically react with oil, natural gas and other chemical liquids, and its cost-effective advantages have been increasingly recognized by related industries. Currently 6061 aluminum plate europe has become the mainstream material for container production.

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6061 aluminum sheet for container

Aluminum plate for containers is mainly 6061 aluminum alloy and 6082 aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy products have high strength and good welding performance. Mainly used to make the floor, connecting parts, door sills, forklift guide rails, ground support beams, top support beams, fixed cross beams on the side aluminum plates, upper and lower fixed cross beams, corner connectors in the box, exterior decoration parts, cold air doors, door frames and door hinges Wait.

Advantages of Mingtai 6061 aluminum

Through continuous experiment and application verification, Mingtai Aluminum has optimized the alloy composition ratio of 6061 alloy aluminum plate and 6082 alloy aluminum plate to improve the uniformity of alloy composition as much as possible to ensure its good internal structure and surface quality to facilitate improvement Its subsequent extrudability improves the welding performance and the uniformity of the mechanical properties of the aluminum sheet.

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With its stable performance and excellent quality, the 6061 aluminum plate produced by Mingtai has been sold well outside Europe for many years, opening a new era of container freight. If you want to know more information about aluminum alloy, please call us for consultation.

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