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The maintenance of aluminum alloy shutter

Date: 2018-01-10 09:10
Aluminum alloy shutter made of aluminum sheet, is more and more popular among people because of its many good performance. Aluminum alloy shutter has plenty of color, easy to install and dismantle, able to block the sunlight and isolated heat from outside, and resist UV rays effectively. Aluminum alloy shutter has a good corrosion resistance, but it also need to maintain in daily life, thus to extended its service life.
Method one : this method is mainly apply for the aluminum alloy shutter that hanging out on the balcony, room or living room. Dust is the biggest enemy for aluminum alloy shutter, so the easiest way is to use a feather duster to dust off the dust regularly.
Method two : Pour appropriate amount of detergent into a large enough cleaning tank, then put the aluminum alloy shutter in tank. After the dust and other stains that stick in the blade dissolving, then rinse with water repeatedly. The last step is to dry each blade thoroughly.
Method tree:Wear a pair of rubber gloves, then wear anther pair of cloth gloves, coat the detergent on gloves (be careful not put too much), then wipe every blades. After wiping, rinse with water repeatedly till the detergent on blades are clean off.

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