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The maintenance of aluminum alloy wheel hub

Date: 2018-01-13 15:55
Wheel hub is a part of axle that used to support the tire, with a drum shape. The common wheel hub are made of steel and aluminum alloy, the wheel hub that made of steel has a high intensity, it widely used in large trucks. However, the steel wheel hub has a heavy weight and has just  one appearance, not in line with the concept of low-carbon and fashion, and was replaced by the aluminum alloy wheel hub.
Here will give you some maintenance methods for the aluminum alloy wheel hub :
1. When the temperature of hubs is extortionate high, do not pour the cold water in it immediately, we must be wait it cooling down, otherwise, it will damage the hubs, even will deform the brake disc and affect the braking effect. In addition, if we clean the aluminum alloy hub with detergent at a high temperatures, the chemical reaction will affect the luster and the appearance of hubs.
2. When the wheel is stained with asphalt, even the general detergent is also hard to remove this asphalt, try to use the brush, but do not use an overhardening brush, especially the iron brush, so as not to damage the hub surface.
3. We should often clean the wheel hubs in a humid climate, so as to protects the hubs from the corrosion of salinity.
4. We can waxed the wheel hubs after cleaning when necessary, it will keep the hubs luster forever.

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