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The advantages of aluminum alloy shutter

Date: 2018-01-09 10:23
Aluminum alloy shutter is a kind of curtain that widely used in our life. Aluminum alloy shutter is made of stainless aluminum plate, compared to other shutter that made of other materials, aluminum alloy shutter is more decorative and has more advantages.
1. Aluminum alloy shutter has plenty of color, not as we all think, there are only a few simple colors. In fact, aluminum alloy blade can be printed with various patterns.
2. Aluminum alloy shutter has excellent light-proofness, able to block the sun and isolated heat from outside, and resist UV rays effectively.
3. Aluminum alloy shutter has a smooth surface, a comfortable feel and a good resilience force and ductility, it is not easy to deform.
4. Aluminum alloy shutter has a extensive applicability, we can control the light and brightness by adjustment.
5. Energy saving, aluminum alloy shutter adopted the aluminum blades with a high heat reflectance, it can reflects most of the sunlight and heat, help to improve the hot and cold effect of air conditioning in summer, so that to achieve the purpose of energy conservation.
6. Aluminum alloy shutter will not fade and change the color, it processed by baking varnish, will not change the color in the long-term irradiate.
7. Has a closely structure, the ladders of the aluminum alloy shutter are made of fiber, the distance between ladders and the distance between blades is about 4mm. This design not only ensures the shading effect, also guaranteed the firmness of the ladders and its ropes, and extend the service life. 

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