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Fluorocarbon spraying - one of the processing method of aluminum surface

Date: 2018-01-08 14:37
Fluorocarbon spraying is a kind of electrostatic spraying, also is a kind of liquid spraying. Fluorocarbon spraying belongs to a high-grade spraying, so the price of its products are comparatively high.
The aluminum plate that processed by fluorocarbon spraying is widely used in curtain wall, it has many excellent performance, such as an excellent fade resistance, a good chalking resistance, a a good corrosion resistance, a high uviolresistance and a high cracking resistance. The aluminum plate that processed by fluorocarbon spraying able to withstand harsh weather conditions, plus it’s a lot of advantages, it receive great attention from building industry, and become more and more popular among people. The paint of fluorocarbon is made from ethene, 1,1-difluoro-, homopolymer, sometimes will add some aluminum powder as the pigment. Carbon bonds and fluorine bonds are the main chemical structure of fluorocarbon paint, and when this chemical structure combined with hydrogen ions, they will become the most stable and the most solid combination, and their physical properties is different from the general paints.
As a high-end surface coating process, its demand of the whole process is extremely strict. In addition to manufacturers need to obtain the quality permits of fluorocarbon spraying, the entire processing include pre-process, spraying process and the solidification process needs to control strictly.

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