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anode oxidation makes aluminum profile more elegant and more useful

Date: 2018-01-09 14:24
Aluminum alloy profile is the main construction material for window, door and curtain wall, it has a wide range of application in our life. An aluminum extruded section without surface process has a humdrum color, and easily corroded in humid atmosphere , so it hard to meets the requirement of constructional materials. For the improvement of aluminum profile’s decorative effect, corrosion resistance and service life, it needs some surface process. Anode oxidation is an important working operation of aluminum profile.
The aluminum profile mainly used the electrolytic coloring, this methods is utilize the action of electric current, the metallic ion will revert to metal or metal oxide and then deposit in the bottom of oxide film, it will showing a variety of colors because sediments can scattering the light. Temperature has a significant effect for the anode oxidation, an extortionate temperature will reduce the wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and it is difficult for film formation; a low temperature will reduce the film’s transparency, and increasing the brittleness, easy to cracking.
As the rapid development of aluminum processing industry, the aluminum surface  treatment has become an essential part of the process. The surface treatment greatly not only improve the whole performance of aluminum profile, also coating it with a variety of beautiful colors.

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