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Aluminum profile for marine drilling platform

Date: 2018-01-10 16:32
Offshore drilling platforms are mainly used for the offshore structures in drilling wells, is an indispensable parts for the exploration and development of offshore oil and gas. Offshore drilling platforms equipped with drilling equipment, power equipment, communications equipment, navigation equipment, safety equipment other equipment, as well as equipped the living facilities of personnel.
At present, most of the offshore drilling platforms are made of steel, steel profile has the advantages in intensity and maintenance costs. But as time goes on, the problem of corrosion, short life and high maintenance costs gradually surfaced. A new profile that has a high intensity, a high corrosion resistant and a good look has a long-term significance for the development of offshore engineering equipment. The aluminum profile has many advantages, such as a light weight, a high intensity, a good corrosion resistant and a low maintenance costs.
The advantages of aluminum profile :
Aluminum profile is easy to install, transport and store, and has a light weight, is 1/3 of the steel.
2.a good weatherability
Aluminum profile can adapt to the complex, harsh environment and climate.
3. diverse combinations and a good looking
Aluminum profile has a strong plasticity, able to constitute a variety of beautiful structure, is more vogue and elegant.
4.a good corrosion resistant and a low maintenance costs
The aluminum profile processed by anti-oxidation treatment, has a long service life more than 30 years.

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